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Unblnd Mascot
> social network driven by interests
> meet people in group immediately
> have real experiences together
UNBLND is looking for a

Full Stack Developer

  • Department: Engineering
  • AAARRR Pirate: activation & retention & referral 🦜
  • Let's rock forever (flexible)
  • Apply before forever
  • Full-time commitment
  • Fixed role
We build trust communities

From all around the world, our interest-driven social network UNBLND drops anonymous people into specific groups where they can chat and have meaningful experiences together.

We make the world a happier place

UNBLND is the earth’s most anonymous and inclusive social network where people can tailor their privacy to their own needs and be comfortable in their own way. Looks, background or gender are not important for having valuable friendships or genuine connections.

Now we are wondering...
What kinda person are you?!

We like everyone… or almost everyone. 🙃

But for this position, you’ll need to be …
  • creative
  • colourful
  • ready for a challenge
  • a little weird (and that's okay!)
Because you will have to …
  • analyse UX/UI flows to propose better interfaces
  • understand our branding and uniqueness
  • implement new features and perfect existing ones
  • implement backend changes to make your features dynamic
So, what do we expect from you?
  • Strong IT skills
  • Knowledgeable in both frontend and backend development
  • Experience in Cloud services (+)
  • Experience in UI/UX (+)
  • Experience with design tools (+)
You will be happy, because we offer:
  • great (co-)working experience (Brussel)
  • flexibility
  • lots of good karma and maybe, someday, a trip into space 🪐
Together, we will …
- be great
- we will happiness worldwide
You are convinced! We knew it 😎