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Global social community

We would like to be active everywhere. Therefore, we want to reach out to anyone interested in helping us with our mission.

What does being an ambassador mean?

Ambassadors are these incredibly friendly folks that help to spread the Unblnd mission.

They lead groups in their cities by inviting people they think would fit into those groups. They also organise events like Aperol sessions and keep up the conversation. If you have a personal interest that you would like to share in a circle of friends that will probably have something to add to your interests, this could be a nice opportunity for you.


Here you can find a list of cities where we already have ambassadors or actively looking for ambassadors. They can give you tips & feedback on creating awesome, real experiences.

Antwerp (Belgium)
Barcelona (Spain)
Brussels (Belgium)
Berlin (Germany)
Chicago (IL, USA)
London (UK)
Montréal (Québec, Canada)
New Jersey (NJ, USA)
New York (NY, USA)
Toronto (Ontario, Canada)


Some would say the economic driver of Belgium, others would remember Antwerp for the creative minds, fashion, and buzzing atmosphere. Do you want to have a nice walk watching the sunset by the Scheldt river or party hard in one of the many dance clubs? Antwerp has all that to offer. Even a rooftop view from the MAS museum. ;)

Wanna become one of our Antwerp ambassadors?


Sunshine, beaches, and fabled buildings such as Sagrada Familia and Casa Milà. Would you need more? Don’t worry, Barcelona offers even more. Secret gardens for you and your significant other? Check. World-class cuisine? Check. Thrilling activities, fine parties, and dining culture? Check. And the best part? The weather is always good!

Wanna become one of our Barcelona ambassadors?


Brussels is the political heart of Europe, but not only that. It is the heart of comics, music, all kinds of art and delicious waffles. You most likely will never be bored in Brussels. There are many different international communities and tribes with various interests which you can connect with and participate in never-ending activities.

Wanna become one of our Brussels ambassadors?


Combining the classical with cutting-edge, Berlin, with its rich history is becoming a place where the past and future can beautifully coexist in a multicultural environment. Trust us, you won’t feel bored. After visiting sights like the Reichstag and The Berlin Wall, you could just go to one of the many techno clubs the city is famous for. Or do you need something entirely else? How about freaky, fun activities, like trapezium, making wine, learning to paddleboard or butchering a pig.

Wanna become one of our Berlin ambassadors?


[Actively looking]

Wanna become one of our Chicago ambassadors?


We can imagine that you already have a lot of things in mind when it comes to London. You can always read our blog about things to do in London. Here is short sneak peak: Take some pictures with the cute red telephone booths? Walk down the Abbey Road and visit Sherlock Holmes’ house? Oh yeah! But what about going to a concert and experiencing the active nightlife in London? Camden town is there for you! Or even make new friends by attending a language class (who does not want to learn the foxy English accent?)!

Wanna become one of our London ambassadors?


Montréal is one of the most multicultural and lively hubs in North-America. It is located in Québec province which is French speaking, but Montréal is part of the Bilingual Belt speaking officially French and English.

After a truly cold winter the magic of Montréal shows. Everyone - all diverse communities - spreaded over the city outside enjoying a new season. We love to see everyone meeting up.

[Actively looking]

Wanna become one of our Montréal ambassadors?

New Jersey

[Actively looking] Newark, Union City, Jersey City, ...

Wanna become one of our New Jersey ambassadors?

New York

In New York City there is nothing you can't do. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. It is known worlwide. The flagship of American dreams and a source of inspiration. We could go on forever, but to give you a quick start we wrote an article about free awesome things to do in New York City.

[Actively looking ambassadors] New York City (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx)

Wanna become one of our New York ambassadors?


Toronto, the largest city of Canada, is considered one of the most diverse cities in the world. Around half of its population is foreign born. The city view is impressive and full of skyscrapers. In Toronto you feel home and can easily blend in its vibrant, diverse population.

[Actively looking]

Wanna become one of our Toronto ambassadors?

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